• Various types of riveting machines?

    Dongguan Nisun Metal Mould Co., Ltd  is a machine and equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of thread rolling machines,Rivet Machine, and heading machines. In the current rivet industry, the use of riveting machines has been widely used by the majority of...
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  • Which stainless steel screw is better? Remember these little tips!

    Principle of stainless steel Stainless steel usually refers to steel that has the ability to resist corrosion by air, water, acid, alkali salt or other medium. Depending on the alloy composition, the focus is on rust resistance and acid resistance. Although some steels a...
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  • Inner hexagon cup head screw how to do loose measures?

    Hex socket head screw according to the grade of different, its anti-loosening coefficient will be different, especially in connection with the workpiece often moving, after a long time, may be loose, so what do we need to make hex socket head screw anti-loosening effect is better, anti-loosening ...
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  • What are the materials of stainless steel screws?

    1, iron body stainless steel material First of all, the stainless steel of model 430 belongs to ordinary chromium steel. Its corrosion resistance and heat resistance are better than the screw of model 410, and it is more magnetic, but it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Therefore, the st...
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  • Identification and inspection of threads 2

    6, thread measurement For general standard thread, thread ring gauge or plug gauge is used to measure. Because the thread parameter is numerous, it is impossible to measure each parameter of the thread one by one, usually we use the thread gauge (thread ring gauge, thread plug gauge) to judge the...
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  • Identification and inspection of threads

    1, the use of thread and characteristics The use of thread is very wide, from aircraft, cars to our daily life in the use of water pipes, gas and so on are used in a large number of occasions, most of the thread plays a tight connection role, the second is for the transfer of force and motion, th...
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  • Classification of Fasteners Part 2

    (7) Washers: A type of fastener with an oblate ring shape. It is placed between the supporting surface of the bolt, screw or nut and the surface of the connecting parts, which increases the contact surface area of the connected parts, reduces the pressure per unit area and protects the surface of...
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  • Classification of Fasteners Part 1

    1. What is a fastener? Fasteners are a general term for a type of mechanical parts used to fasten two or more parts (or components) into a whole. Also known as standard parts in the market. 2. It usually includes the following 12 types of parts: Bolts, Studs, Screws, Nuts, Tapping Screws, Wood Sc...
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  • What are the new requirements for mold accessories?

    With the current rapid development of science and technology, the competition among enterprises is constantly rising, leading to higher requirements for mold parts. What are the new requirements? 1. High dynamic accuracy. The static performance introduced by the machine tool manufacturer cannot ...
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  • Will the progress of the mold be higher and higher?

    Will the progress of the mold be higher and higher?

    With the continuous development of the economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, and the spiritual and material cultural requirements are getting higher and higher. This demand has also led to the continuous development and innovation of the home furnishing industry. The industry’s ...
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  • What are the matters needing attention when grinding hardware mold accessories?

    What are the matters needing attention when grinding hardware mold accessories?

    Grinding is a process often carried out after long-term use of hardware mold parts. art. The abrasive particles embedded on the grind tool will affect the surface of the workpiece during the grinding process. For finishing processing, during the relative movement between the grind tool and the wo...
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  • Sharing Session

    Sharing Session

    On March 17, 2021, Lisheng Outstanding Employee Representative External Training “Effective Corporate Communication” The landing sharing session will be held in the meeting room on the first floor. We are fortunate to invite Yuandao Culture Training Teacher Niu of Jiang Zemin provides...
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