What is the advantage of thread rolling?

Thread rolling is a widely used manufacturing process that creates strong, precise and high-quality threads on a variety of materials. This process is made possible thanks to thread rolling dies, which are tools used to shape and form threads. These dies are designed and manufactured by specialized companies called thread rolling die makers, who create dies that produce different types of threads, including internal threads, external threads, and specialized threads for specific materials, such as plastics.

One of the main advantages of thread rolling is its ability to produce threads that are stronger and more precise than those produced by other methods such as cutting or grinding. This is due to thread rolling’s unique cold forming process, which requires no material removal, heating or re-cutting. As a result, the grain flow of the material is not interrupted, making the threads stronger and more resistant to fatigue, corrosion and wear. Additionally, the elimination of material reduces material waste and production costs, making thread rolling a cost-effective and sustainable manufacturing solution.


Steel rolling screws for plastics are an example of a thread rolling product designed specifically for creating threads in plastic materials. Using threaded screws in plastics offers several advantages over other methods, including reduced risk of material breakage and increased resistance to pullout and vibration. This is because thread rolling creates threads but does not create stress concentrations that can weaken the material and cause cracking. Therefore, plastic rolling screws are widely used in industries such as automobiles, electronics, and construction where plastic materials are commonly used.

In order to perform thread rolling, a special machine called a thread rolling machine is required. These machines are designed to apply the necessary pressure and force to shape the material into the desired thread geometry. Depending on the type and size of threads produced, different types of thread rolling machines are available, including flat, planetary and cylindrical die machines. Thread rolling machines require precision and reliability to ensure consistent and high-quality thread production, which is why companies often invest in high-quality machines to meet their production needs.

Post time: Jan-12-2024