Various types of riveting machines?

Dongguan Nisun Metal Mould Co., Ltd  is a machine and equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of thread rolling machines,Rivet Machine, and heading machines. In the current rivet industry, the use of riveting machines has been widely used by the majority of rivet processing enterprises. Riveting machine is mainly used in: aluminum case, trolley case, electricity, hardware, handbags, belts, baby carriages and other industries. Different rivet processing products have different choices for riveting machines. So what are the types of riveting machines? The following is an introduction to the riveting machine series one by one:

Rivet machine (1)

The riveting machine series is divided into:
1. Large riveting machine: large two-stroke riveting machine, large two-stroke short-tube riveting machine, large two-stroke riveting machine (base nail)
2. Medium riveting machine:Medium-sized two-stroke riveting machine, medium-sized two-stroke riveting machine (flat type), medium-sized two-stroke riveting machine (barrel type), medium-sized two-stroke riveting machine (camber type).
3. Fully automatic riveting machine: automatic golf bag riveting machine, automatic corn machine, automatic button machine.
4. Semi-automatic riveting machine: semi-automatic golf bag riveting machine, semi-automatic corn machine, semi-automatic corn machine (desktop), semi-automatic button machine (desktop).
The riveting machine series mainly includes the above types. When riveting products, the correct type of riveting machine should be selected according to the requirements of the product, so as to ensure the riveting quality of the product.

Post time: Sep-06-2022