What are the matters needing attention when grinding hardware mold accessories?

Grinding is a process often carried out after long-term use of hardware mold parts. art. The abrasive particles embedded on the grind tool will affect the surface of the workpiece during the grinding process. For finishing processing, during the relative movement between the grind tool and the workpiece, the hardware mold The rust on the surface of the accessories, the damaged parts will be gradually smoothed and become more smooth slip. After the grinding process, the hardware mold parts will become more Longer, the processing effect will be more significant. So high-quality hardware mold parts What are the matters needing attention when grinding? 1. Pay attention to the order of using abrasives Even high-quality hardware mold parts need to be The order to use the grinding abrasive must be from large particles to small particles, from coarse grinding Material to fine abrasive. And in order to avoid the “relief” phenomenon. 2. Pay attention to the correct use of abrasives In order to avoid scratches on the surface of the hardware mold parts, in the same research tool Only the same size abrasives can be used, and must be changed each time before changing the size Carefully clean the surface of the hardware mold parts to avoid residual large-grained abrasives in the Damaged parts in the next process. 3. Pay attention to the correct operation of grinding of different particle sizes Efficient and professional hardware mold parts grinders are grinding precision mold parts When the grinding process of the next particle size is switched, the grinding direction will be the same as the previous one. The direction of the second grinding is about 30 degrees, because it is less prone to damage mark. If there are scars during the conversion operation, a comprehensive Trim and remove pits. 

Post time: May-20-2021