F-head Hex Combined Die

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High quality Aluminium Tungsten Carbide Bar Metal Copper Stainless Steel Diamond Tools Products F-head Hex Combined Die

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Place of Origin Guangdong,China
Brand Name Nisun
Material VA80,VA90, KG6, KG5, ST7, ST6,CARBIDE
Technology CAD, CAM, WEDM, CNC,Vacuum heat treatment, 2.5-Dimensional Testing (projector),Hardness tester,etc. (HRC/HV)
Delivery time 7-15days
OEM&ODM 1PCS Acceptable
Size Customized Size
Packing PP+Small Box and Carton

Our professional team has many years of experience in the fastening industry. We rely on in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of tungsten carbide and offer complete solution, focusing on high-end fastener mold production.

The service life of cemented carbide die is more than ten times or even dozens of times that of steel die. Cemented carbide die has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and small expansion coefficient. Tungsten cobalt cemented carbide is generally used.

Cemented carbide dies can be divided into four categories according to their uses: the first category is cemented carbide drawing dies, which account for the vast majority. The main domestic drawing die brands are YG8, YG6 and YG3, followed by YG15, YG6X and YG3X. Some new grades have been developed, such as new YL for high speed drawing and drawing models cs05 (ylo. 5), cg20 (yl20), cg40 (yl30); K10、zk20 / zk30.

The second kind of cold heading dies are cold heading dies and plastic dies, and the main brands are yc20c, YG20, YG15, ct35, yjt30 and mo15.

The third kind of mould is non-magnetic alloy mould for producing magnetic materials, such as YSN (including 20, 25, 30, 35, 40) of YSN series and steel non-magnetic model TMF.

The fourth type is thermal mode.

Dongguan Nisun Mould Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer integrating the development, production and sales of precision screws.Our factory has 18 years of manufacturing experience, and has factories in Dongguan, Kunshan, Changzhou and Thailand.In 2018, Huatai (Thailand) Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Xingmao Import and Export Co., Ltd. were established respectively to serve global customers more quickly and conveniently.

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