Hex Built-up Die Core

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 Cold Heading Die Polished Robust Construction Hex Built-up Die Core For Screws

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Place of Origin Guangdong,China
Brand Name Nisun
Material VA80,VA90, KG6, KG5, ST7, ST6,CARBIDE
Technology CAD, CAM, WEDM, CNC,Vacuum heat treatment,

2.5-Dimensional Testing (projector),Hardness tester,etc. (HRC/HV)

Delivery time 7-15days
OEM&ODM 1PCS Acceptable
Size Customized Size
Packing PP+Small Box and Carton

We supply for customers, including

Carbide die:

1. Straight hole dies

2.Extrusion dies

3.Segmented Hex Dies


5.Customized dies

Segmented dies can be supplied as either inserts or complete die assemblies in tungsten carbide or special steels. The advantages of interchangeable segmented blades to extend tool life have been widely recognized. All tools are certified before they are sent to customers.

As an efficient and fast-growing company, Nisun is actively committed to providing exclusive hexagonal segmented molds. The products provided are widely acclaimed worldwide for our best quality and easy installation. These molds are manufactured by innovative professionals and advanced technology, and are used to manufacture different types of fasteners in different industries. In addition, we can also provide products of different sizes according to customer needs.

Production Specifications

1. Select the tungsten steel material and size to make the screws or nuts mold correct.

2.According to the difference of the forming difficulty,size,length of screws and nuts,the die structure should be designed reasonably,multi-station and nut mold should be allocated on a reasonable basis of the upsetting deformation and forming times.

3.The mold has fine craftsmanship,accurate size,bore diameter to match the mirror finishing requirements.

4.Interference voltage distribution margin,choose the appropriate alloy taper size.

5.Shell steel sleeve must be rigid and well heated,and the hardness range after the vacuum heat treatment should be between 45℃-48℃.

6.Keep the die bore and wire surface clean and smooth, the cold drawn wire must be nailed firmly after ball annealing.

7.We use diamond wheel to grind the cycle and the end of tungsten.

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