M5-0.8 Machine Screw Thread Rolling Dies Plates

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We are able to design tools and accessories according to the finished product drawings and technical requirements. It is necessary to specify the model of the machine, the material of the dies, the dimensions of the dies, the diameter of the wire, the dimensions of the product, the accuracy and pitch of the thread, the metric and inch specification of the thread, the shape of the outer surface of the dies (round, square, hexagonal, prismatic), the dimensions S, H, L1, L2 and the number of sets to be purchased.

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Place of Origin Guangdong,China
Brand Name Nisun
Material DC53, SKH-9
Tolerance: 0.001mm
Hardness: Generally HRC 62-66, depends on material
Used for tapping screws,Machine Screws,Wood Screws,Hi-Lo Screws,

Concrete Screws,Drywall Screws and so on

Finish: Highly mirror polished finish 6-8 micro.
Packing PP+Small Box and Carton

Instruction & Maintenance

The regular maintenance of mold parts has a great influence on the life of the mold.

The question is: How do we maintain when using these components?

Step 1.Make sure there is a vacuum machine that automatically removes the waste at regular intervals. If the waste is removed well, the breakage rate of the punch will be lower.

Step 2.Make sure the density of the oil is correct,not too sticky or diluted.

Step 3. If there is a wear problem on the die and die edge, stop using it and polish it in time, otherwise it will wear out and quickly expand the die edge and reduce the life of the die and parts.

Step 4. To ensure the life of the mold, the spring should also be replaced regularly to prevent the spring from being damaged and affecting the use of the mold.

Production Process

1.Drawings Confirmation----We get drawings or samples from customer.

2.Quotation----We will quote according to customer's drawings.

3.Making Molds/Patterns----We will make molds or patterns upon customer's mold orders.

4.Making Samples---We will use the mold to make the actual sample, and then send it to the customer for confirmation.

5.Mass Production----We will make bulk production after getting the customer's confirmation and order.

6.Production inspection----We will inspect the products by our inspectors, or let customers inspect them with us after completion.

7.Shipment---- We will ship the goods to the customer after the inspection result is OK and confirmed by customer.

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