• Hex Built-up Die Core

    Hex Built-up Die Core

     Cold Heading Die Polished Robust Construction Hex Built-up Die Core For Screws

  • F-head Hex Combined Die

    F-head Hex Combined Die

    High quality Aluminium Tungsten Carbide Bar Metal Copper Stainless Steel Diamond Tools Products F-head Hex Combined Die

  • Six-Lobe


    Flat head, pan head , oval head , binding head , round head, truss head, button head, pf head, cheese head, fillister head and so on .

  • White Steel Titanium Plating Punch Pin Bar for Die

    White Steel Titanium Plating Punch Pin Bar for Die

    Punches also have upper molds, outer molds, punches, etc. Punches are divided into a-type punches, t-type punches, and special-shaped punches. The punch is a metal part installed on the stamping die and used for direct contact with the material to deform and cut the material.

    Die punches generally use high-speed steel and tungsten steel as materials, such as high-speed steel punches and tungsten steel punches, and high-speed steel is the most commonly used material. Commonly used are CR12, CR12MOV, asp23, skd11, skd51, skd61, etc. Tungsten steel materials are generally used for punching and shearing dies, which require higher requirements.

  • Perforated Titanium Plating Punch Bar

    Perforated Titanium Plating Punch Bar

    After sale service & promise:

    1,OEM order acceptable,independent Q.C department ,3 times of quality checking.

    2.100% of pass rate before shipping

  • Scissors Shaped Customized Preform For Stamping

    Scissors Shaped Customized Preform For Stamping


    Hardness in relations to the cobalt content and grain size

    Hardness is a material’s mechanical resistance to another harder material when it penetrates it. This value is usually measured by “Vickers Hardness procedure” (ISO 3878) or “Rockwell Hardness Procedure” (ISO 3738). Like wear resistance, hardness also increases with a smaller grain size and lower cobalt content. Therefore, hardness is often used as a reference for wear resistance.

  • Tungsten Spline Built up Die Core

    Tungsten Spline Built up Die Core

    Item Parameter Place of Origin Guangdong,China Brand Name Nisun Material VA80,VA90, KG6, KG5, ST7, ST6,CARBIDE Technology CAD, CAM, WEDM, CNC,Vacuum heat treatment,2.5-Dimensional Testing (projector),Hardness tester,etc. (HRC/HV) Delivery time 7-15days OEM&ODM 1PCS Acceptable Size Customized Size Packing PP+Small Box and Carton Tungsten steel bushing (hard alloy) has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness,...
  • Japanese Hex Built up Die Core

    Japanese Hex Built up Die Core

    Please kindly provide the following information before purchase:
    Brand+model+mold series +plate clearance+ordered parts( just one part or whole set) +station+shape+shape size
    For example:Datong +LX230B+ thick turret series 85 +0.3+whole set+ B station+ROφ15mm

  • 8-32Thread Rolling Dies Plates Flying Head

    8-32Thread Rolling Dies Plates Flying Head

    Place of Origin: Dongguan, China Brand Name: Nisun Certification: ISO9001:2015 Model Number: #8-32/Customized Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Price: USD+Negotioned+Pieces Packaging Details: Cartons, wooden boxes, pallets, packaged according to weight and customer requirements Delivery Time: 15-25 working days Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Credit Card Supply Ability: 30000 Set/Sets per Month Welcome to Dongguan Nisun Metal Mould Co., Ltd.,We offer experience, quality &am...
  • Point Tail Thread Rolling Dies

    Point Tail Thread Rolling Dies

    Flat dies is using in the thread rolling machine. The function is for screw thread rolling.Our products can meet JIS,ANSI,DIN,ISO and GB Full use of high quality imported steel SKD-11(D2) DC53 SKH-9 in Japan,West Germany and Sweden.Vacuum heat treatment by pressurized cooling ensure the wear resistance and heat resistance of the flat dies.

  • M5-0.8 Thread Rolling Dies with a Groove

    M5-0.8 Thread Rolling Dies with a Groove

    Place of Origin:Dongguan, China

    Brand Name:Nisun

    Shaping Mode:Extrusion Mould,Preform Mould, Punching Mold

    Product Material:VA80,VA90, KG6, KG5, ST7, ST6,CARBIDE

    Size:003/0#/004/ 3/16/6R or according to client’s requirement

    Product:Extrusion Mould

    Product Name:Flat Thread rolling Dies

    package:depends on request

    Keyword:flat Thread rolling Dies

    Application:For making screws thread


  • M5-0.8 Machine Screw Thread Rolling Dies Plates

    M5-0.8 Machine Screw Thread Rolling Dies Plates


    We are able to design tools and accessories according to the finished product drawings and technical requirements. It is necessary to specify the model of the machine, the material of the dies, the dimensions of the dies, the diameter of the wire, the dimensions of the product, the accuracy and pitch of the thread, the metric and inch specification of the thread, the shape of the outer surface of the dies (round, square, hexagonal, prismatic), the dimensions S, H, L1, L2 and the number of sets to be purchased.