Umbrella Tooth with R-tail Thread Rolling Dies Plates

Short Description:

Place of Origin:Dongguan, China

Brand Name:Nisun

Shaping Mode:Extrusion Mould,Preform Mould, Punching Mold

Product Material:VA80,VA90, KG6, KG5, ST7, ST6,CARBIDE

Size:003/0#/004/ 3/16/6R or according to client’s requirement

Product:Extrusion Mould

Product Name:Flat Thread rolling Dies

package:depends on request

Keyword:flat Thread rolling Dies

Application:For making screws thread

Package:Carton Package


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The size of the product batch does affect the choice of external thread processing methods. When the batch is very large, it is often produced with professional equipment such as thread rolling and thread rolling (when the thread pitch is small);

When the batch size is not very large, die processing is often used. When processing small-size threads, die processing can be used directly. When processing large-size threads, the thread is often turned first (the amount of processing is left) and then the die is processed to the final size, so thread and die are turned Processing sometimes needs to be used together;

Turning thread is suitable for single-piece small batch production, and it has high flexibility. It can turn large-size threads and various forms of threads, such as trapezoidal threads, sawtooth threads, rectangular threads, non-standard threads, etc.

For example, rough machining can also be milled, high-precision thread machining and grinding.


Q: How soon can we get your price?
A: Please provide us with your drawings and requirements and then we will confirm with our production department and let you know in time.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Usually within 20 days,

Q: Can you give us a discount?
A: Generally speaking, the more you purchase, the more our quotation will be reduced accordingly.

Q: How to order your products?
A: Please contact us through the contact information below, it is better to send us the drawing by email, we will contact you ASAP.

Q: Can you provide some samples?
A: Sure, please contact us we can provide free samples.

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